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AI with Machine Learning (Advance)

  • Duration 30h

About Course

The essence of the courses lies in the exemplification of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning language which is demanded in today's world. The curriculum and course content are designed in such a way that AI and Machine Learning framework are successfully communicated


Artificial Intelligence subject holds importance and has impact in our day to day life. Our Course will assist kids with demystifying the topic and to talk about its importance in real-life.
Teaching AI to youths is important on the grounds, as AI has already a constant presence in their day-to-day life. From computer games to the chat bots with which children connect at home, they are much of the time presented to AI-controlled advances and gadgets. This can affect kids’ key comprehension of what insight is. In light of their interaction with AI, it is important to show them AI – its standards, applications, and even limitations – at an early age, so that their critical thinking gets a boost.

What Will I Learn?

  • 1- Data Science
  • 2- Computer Vision
  • 3- Natural Language Processing
  • 4- Decision Trees
  • 5- Machine Learning
  • 6- Building real-time devices like language translation, search engines, etc

Material Includes

  • IDLE


  • Computer/Laptop with Camera
  • Headphones with mic