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AI with Machine Learning (Beginner)

  • Duration 10h

About Course

Our AI online course will assist your kid in creating significant 21st-century abilities like basic reasoning, critical thinking abilities, creativeness, and so forth and relate to the real-world. Also, AI, ML, and coding are the skills of the future and will open ways to a bright future. Last, but not the least, they are amusing to learn!


AI with Machine Learning is a rising power in the advanced world, permitting PC’s and Desktops to learn and similarly perform human-like activities.
This technology permits PCs to perform tasks substantially more proficiently than humans can by researching a lot of information and their trends.
Students will learn computer programming, artificial intelligence and their applications through STEM projects and courses . Student will explore different areas of Machine Learning and know the process of mirroring human intelligence to computers and other devices.

AI is the Future as we all have heard this a lot. We know that AI is empowering the Future and significantly impacting our day-to-day lives.

If you want to get some information of some best classes of AI in Chicago then this article is for you.

AI is the Machine Replica of the brain of humans which stores a lot of information, Interprets and learns from the data and keep on updating itself.

It is a computer program having intelligence like humans or animals to perform functions like humans or animals such as learning, problem solving, projecting etc.

People usually do not have any idea from where to start learning AI.

Skill Wink is the best platform for online STEM courses for kids. We are the pathfinders of  intuitive methods of learning — making it connectable, adaptable for kids. It provides Robotics Workshops according to different age group- Age: 6-10,10-13, 13-15.

The courses they provide for different age groups are divided according to the proficiency starting from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. There courses are designed by Alumnus of IIT’s and NIT’s  in such a manner that children enjoy and simultaneously learn and experience the delight of building things because our youth adores innovation .


What Will I Learn?

  • 1- Computer Vision
  • 2- Face Recognition
  • 3- Optical Character Recognition
  • 4- Speech Recognition
  • 5- Machine Learning
  • 6- Ethics in AI

Material Includes

  • IDLE


  • Computer/Laptop with Camera
  • Headphones with mic